A liltle of me,

Ilma grew up at the country-side,(1967) working in the tulip fields and flower industry as a teenager, playing a lot outside, having lots of friends playing football, and going of in the trees and playing Indian in the trees and tipi tents.

She finished high school moderately, and always there was a feeling of strong restlessness inside. Searching for something deeper.

This feeling became less when she met a Yogi from the Ananda Marga in Hoorn.

This lecture on Yoga, Meditation, vegetarian food, changed her life completely at the age of 18.

After high school she took of to the Yoga Training center in Sweden instead with two conga’s. It would be a time of singing Kiirtan, playing drums and meeting lots of young people interested in yoga and meditation.

After Sweden Ilma went to India to finish her last examinations and was ready to heal the world with her yoga and meditation teachings. Ananda Marga would send her to Brazil, a country in which Ilma her love for music more developed. She started playing drums in a regea-band, and at the same time teach yoga and start a project in the fa vela of Sau Paulo.

The project became “her baby” and is now still running with 60 children and supported by the Brazilian government.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_97nFT1SVY

1997 her father was having leukemia and Ilma decided to go back to the Netherlands.

Supporting her family and starting a new life here,........back from the heat and extroverted culture of Brazil back into the Netherlands.

But what is the need here ? Not material that's for sure,.......more on the mental and emotional side there is lots of emptiness,......and pain.

She started to work at a neo Humanistic kindergarten, teach Yoga & Meditation and part-time to study social pedagogics in Amsterdam.

At the same time she started giving Massage to help her way in teaching the people how to balance their own life fysically and mentally.

It was an outstanding support, next to her job as a social pedagogics, she and starting to follow courses on coaching and counseling.

To become a better listener, more empathic, more into feeling behind the words,.....,even more to the inside like meditation does,........so in return to be able to give more on the outside.

Support and coach people is what she does until now,......giving massage workshops and teaching people meditation.

Her Yoga is now developing more to Partner and Acro-yoga style, a very dynamic and interactive yoga style.

She gives introduction clases on non violent communication, and is a part of Inner Source circles, a new way of self supporting systems to help families help themselves in their own network.

In her work she is always supporting the person to reach his/her own wources of power and healing, to connect to the inner source, looking together at which thoughts keeps them holding back to live their true potential, and which thoughts can make them grow.

Changing youre life is all about changing you're awareness.

She is open for any connection to work together to make grow the social and peace loving awareness to planet earth., and support a happy healthy life style.

Ilma supports alternative systems of trade and community living where people share their expertise and skills, and giving the best of their selves, instead of money.

In her Free time Ilma like to dance Zouk, Salsa, play music and wishes to be close to nature, animals and friends.


Aste la prima vista ;)